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Other Services ( Astrology, Tarot, Nutrition)

I am also an astrologer of many years and have some of the best astrology services you can find. I can do any chart and read it in any way you wish, provided you know what to ask.

I also can do Tarot Readings very well, in cases where people find that this is necessary or preferrable. 

Also during my readings you may find I am giving you nutritional advice. I am a nutritional expert and even worked at a clinic helping people detox off of hard drugs in Costa Rica. During readings I may ask you to take certain minerals to benefit you.

Astrology Prices 

Natal Chart half hour 75 Dollars
Natal Chart hour 150 Dollars

Natal Chart Interpretation via email/text 75 Dollars

Dream Interpretation

75 Dollars

Tarot Readings

Each Card is 25 Dollars for any Purpose 


  • "I traded some of my Ormus to Greg von Haesler for him to answer a few more complicated questions of mine that I haven't been able to find answers to myself. All I had to do was ..."
    Tim Eck
    Ormus Engineer
  • "I had a psychic reading from greg and it was spot-on accurate. The Reading opened my mind in such a way that I now see beauty in every little aspect of my life. I sincerely than..."
    Jeremy Johnson
  • "The first word that comes to mind is amazing. Greg was speaking truth and in that he said everything that was spot on. Greg knew how to speak with me. He adjusted to how I would..."
    Sarah Knox

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